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From the Editor’s Desk
Page No: 1-2
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.001

Diagnostic evaluation of microscopic enteritis in duodenal biopsies of suspected malabsorption cases with clinico-immunohistological correlation
Page No: 3-9
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.002

Topographical distribution and histological characterization of stromal fibrosis in invasive breast carcinoma
Page No: 10-15
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.003

A study of histopathological spectrum of leprosy at tertiary care hospital
Page No: 16-20
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.004

Cervical cancer screening using liquid-based cytology (LBC) in a secondary care hospital in Northeast India
Page No: 21-24
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.005

Covid-19 associated mucormycosis
Page No: 25-30
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.006

Pattern of cervical papsmear cytology- Our experience
Page No: 31-33
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.007

Study of cyto-histopathological correlation in thyroid lesions at rural tertiary care hospital
Page No: 34-38
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.008

Hypersegmented neutrophils in peripheral smear –An etiological analysis
Page No: 39-42
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.009

Histopathological study of neoplastic lesions of upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopic biopsies
Page No: 43-47
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.010

Histomorphological spectrum of kidney lesions in nephrectomies and autopsies in a tertiary care center with an emphasis on primitive neuroectodermal tumor/ewings sarcoma
Page No: 48-51
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.011

Clinicopathological study of epithelial neoplasms of ovary with special reference to the expression of P53 and Her2/neu in epithelial carcinoma
Page No: 52-59
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.012

Tumors colliding in thyroid: A case report
Page No: 71-73
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.016

A case report of coexistent carcinoma breast with chronic myeloid leukemia
Page No: 74-76
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.017

Secretory carcinoma of breast with EGFR and weak ER positivity: A case report with discussion of distinguishing features
Page No: 77-80
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.018

Low grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm
Page No: 81-83
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.019

Secondary chondrosarcoma of humerus with osteosarcomatous de-differentiation: The importance of being on guard
Page No: 84-87
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.020

A rare collision tumor of ovary – Mucinous cystadenoma with adult granulosa cell tumor
Page No: 68-70
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.014

Clinicopathological correlation of p53 expression in benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate adenocarcinoma
Page No: 60-64
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.015

A rare case of sclerosing angiomatoid nodular transformation (SANT) of the spleen in a 13-year old girl
Page No: 88-90
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.021

Liver biopsy changes in fatal COVID 19 patients in a tertiary care hospital
Page No: 91-93
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.022

Small cell carcinoma of esophagus: Case report
Page No: 94-96
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.023

Benign germ cell tumour and epithelial carcinoma – Rare synchronous presentation in unilateral ovary on background of endometriosis
Page No: 97-100
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.024

Wilson\\\'s disease: An autopsy case report
Page No: 100-104
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.025

Localized gastric amyloidosis in a patient diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma- A case report and review of literature
Page No: 65-67
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijpo.2022.013