Indexing can be defined as an overall score of your journal which we give after the completion of the evaluation process. It totally depends on the quality and criteria of the selection procedure. It is an overall 10-point score, which our evaluation team will give after analyzing all the parameters of your journal including EB Board, overall quality, publishing history, etc.

Why to get indexed in IP Indexing?

Indexing in academic publishing or journals offers several benefits for researchers, readers, and the journal itself. Indexing definitely increases the visibility and ease of use of open-access content among the scientific and scholarly community. If your journal is indexed then you get a validated certificate from IP Indexing.

Benefits of Indexing

  1. Increased Visibility: Indexing of the journal in reputed databases directly or indirectly enhances the visibility of journals. Researchers search these databases as per their area of interest and easily can get access to your published work.
  1. Enhanced Reputation: Being indexed in these databases adds value and prestige to your journal. Generally, journals with indexing are considered more valuable in the scientific community rather than non-indexed.
  1. Wide & Global Reach: It enhance the reach of your journal nationally & internationally. This wide reach can attract more submission in the journal that will lead to international promotion.
  1. Quality Control of content: As many indexing databases have rigorous selection criteria, to ensure the journals meet the standard qualifying criteria and quality so obviously this helps to maintain the quality of published content.
  1. Accessibility & Credibility: Indexed journals are more credible and accessible in the colleges, institutions & Libraries. As a common reader trust the indexing platforms that they are serving the right and trustable content to them and they can rely on it.
  1. Collaboration Opportunities: Researchers may be more willing to collaborate with a journal that is indexed because it offers a platform with a wider audience and higher credibility.
  1. Long-Term Preservation: We offers the long-term archiving of the content which will be indexed in our database. This service ensures the long-term preservation of the journal's content, safeguarding it for future generations of researchers and readers.
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