Evaluation Procedure

We are glad to see you here for submitting your journal. We want to inform you of the evaluation procedure. We are providing a detailed step by step explanation for submission of your journal and how to apply for the current year evaluation, through which you will be able to evaluate your journal for the current year.



This is the beginning of the evaluation procedure. In this step, you have to register yourself on the IP Indexing Portal. After registration, you will get Login Id and Password. This will help you in further steps.


Confirmation Mail

You will receive an mail for confirming your e-mail id. You have to confirm that confirmation mail for the configuration of your profile on The IP Indexing Portal.



After confirming that mail you have to login yourself on The IP Indexing Portal through your recent generated login Id and Password.



Add Journal For Indexing

In this step, you have to add your journal at IP Indexing Portal. You will get this option on the left side of your screen. Then you have to select the Add Journal For Indexing option which is situated on the 2nd number in the row.   After clicking on this option a page will be open on which you have to add details of your journal.



Add Volume

When you will fulfill the details of your journal in the previous option then you will need to submit the Volumes of your journal. So that we can analyze your journal's volume for evaluating and able to provide you good Impact factor.



Add Issue

The Issue of the journal really matters for making the journal impressive, anyone cannot understand your journal without reading or analyzing. This will also impact the regularity of your journal, this is an essential point for evaluation.

You will get Add Issue option next from Add Volume option.



Add Article

Journal is incomplete without its articles. Articles are the life of the journal. Anyone cannot imagine a journal without an article. Whether your journal is open access or not, for evaluating the journal IP Indexing needs all the articles of your journal (if your journal is not open access journal then we will not provide articles for accessing openly). You will get Add Article option just after Add Issue option.


Apply For Evaluation

This is last but not the least important step while you are applying for evaluation. Every year you have to apply for the evaluation for the current year’s IPI Value. You will get this option on the left side of the screen, this will be the sixth option on the page at which your journal is described, without applying for evaluation you will not be able to get evaluated for the new year.



IPI Value

After completing the above-mentioned steps you will be entitled to the IPI Value from IP Indexing. 



Certificate and Logo

You will get an e-mail when your journal will get IPI Value. In that e-mail, a link for certificate download and Logo download will available. You can go through from that link or else you can check this option at Publisher Panel section.

You can download and use our Logo at your journal's website to inform others that your journal is indexed with us. 



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