IP Indexing launched IPI value factor and citation of all Journals and represent hundreds of publishers, journal titles, subject, characters authors and subject ranked by popularity in the world’s libraries. It gives a scientific quality of journals and provides digital E-library creation of Journals impact factor and indexing. Impact factor used for evaluating the quality of journals, evaluation is carried out by considering the factors such as strong editorial and reviewer board members, details of a publishing house, plagiarism status of a published article, online accessibility and publishing policy, etc.

1. Quality of The Publication

For Indexing your journal it is mandatory to set a standard of the publication of your journal, in Ip Indexing you have to fulfill 5 parameters of Quality of Publication,  it will depend on the quality of your journal which will help you to score high and get higher Ip indexing value at this portal.


This is the first and the most important parameter of The Quality of Publication. Journal must have International Standard Serial Number which is used to uniquely identify a serial publication of the journal. When the same type of content published in more than one media type, in that case, a different type of ISSN number assigned to each media type.  Many journals published in print and electronic media type so respectively they have both print (p-ISSN) and electronic (e-ISSN) numbers. ISSN system also assigned a linking ISSN (ISSN-L) number, which links together all ISSNs assigned to the serial in every medium. 

 b) The Discipline of the Journal

The meaning of Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, The Discipline of Journal is also necessary for maintaining the standard of the journal. In the beginning, the publisher made policies regarding the journal, these policies decide the standard of the journal. The Discipline of the Journal helps us to remind that we can not compromise with the policies of the journal, which is necessary to maintain the standard of the journal.

c)  Website

Journal should have their own website or link, on which all the details of the journal will available.It is necessary to enlarge the visibility, accessibility, readership of your journals. Nowadays everything is available on an online platform if the journal will be in print media only then it will be difficult to access, due to which the journal citation will badly impact. Journal will not become popular across the world.

d) Language

For increasing the readership of the journal across the world, the language of the journal should be English. English is the most-used language online, it is flexible, intertextual, helps to understand other languages, including a wide range of vocabulary. We can say that English is the universal language which will help us to reach the highest levels of success.

 e) Digital Achieving Policy

Digital Achieving Policy will provide download statistics on the journal website.  It is a statistical record of the journal which will help us to know how many times the journal is downloaded, visited, the format of the journal, abstract of the journal.  This will help to increase the achieving target.

2. Quality of The Article

The quality of the article will impact the overall performance of the journal.  It is essential to preserve the quality of the article, the parameter of this section will help you to get to know about the quality of the article in your journal.

a) Original and Review Articles

In the journal, it is obligatory to add original and review articles. The quality of the journal will decide by the number of the original and review articles concludes at the end of the year. 

b) Article Type

There is a variety of article types in various streams. We are discussing here the medical field article types in which we are expecting Original Research Articles, Review Article, Case Report / Case Study, Short Communication type of articles.

c) Format 

 Published papers, articles, the journal should be available either PDF, HTML, XML format.  These formats are easy to access due to which the reader can easily read the journal.

d) Quality of Collected Data

The quality, clarity, size of the figures, tables, graphs, and charts should be according to the content. Minimum and maximum quantity should be prescribed by the publisher.

e) Plagiarism

 The world Association of Medical Editors (WAME) defines plagiarism as the use of others published and unpublished ideas or words (or other intellectual property) without attribution or permission, and presenting them as new and original rather than derived from an existing source. Ip Indexing will not accept any kind of plagiarism.

3. The Permanence of The Journal

Under the permanence of the journal, we consider the stability and regularity of the journal. It is the essential component of indexing your journal. Stability and regularity are interconnected, Every journal should focus on the regularity of the journal which will automatically maintain the stability of the journal.

a) Beginning Year of The Journal

The beginning of the journal is really important, the continues of the journal will directly Impact the indexing value. It will also increase the popularity of the journal all over the world.

b)  Regularity

As we discussed earlier the regularity of the journal is the indispensable component of the journal indexing. If your journal is publishing for a long time and it’s reachability is good then for sure readers will be desperately waiting for the new issue of your journal. It is necessary to publish the journal on time which will help to increase the availability of the journal.   

c) Maintenance of Archiving on Website

The availability and maintenance of the journal’s volumes and issues on the website of the journal will enhance the accessibility of the journal.  It should be maintained accordingly which will be easy to use for the end-user, this is the part of open access.

d) Volumes and Issues of The Publication

The volumes and issues of the journal will automatically be maintained while you will maintain the archive of the journal on the website. The number of volumes and issues of the journal will available on the website will enhance the quality of content and the number of readers.

e) Citation of The Journal in Various Indexing

 References provide a crucial service in scholarly and scientific writing, for they inform the reader as to the source of ideas, arguments, and data from which the main thesis of a paper is derived. A reference citation also allows the reader to explore in more details a given line of thinking or evidence. For these reasons, it is important that authors strive for accuracy when listing references in manuscripts. Yet, it appears that authors do not often assign the proper level of importance to reference sections. In fact, the available evidence suggests that a disproportionate number of errors occur in reference sections even in some of the most prestigious biomedical journals. Be aware, when you are mentioning any citation in the work. 

4. Editorial and Reviewer Board Quality

The content quality of the article of the journal is dependent on the Editorial and Reviewer Board. Due to which the journal can be considered as an authoritative source of scientific information. This is the most essential point in the journal indexing, ignorance of this point will not be tolerated.

 a) Detailed Editorial and Author Guidelines Information

The detailed Editorial and Author Guidelines Information is the main key to the success of the journal. We have discussed in the discipline of the journal that it is necessary to maintain the standard of the journal.  The guidelines information of the journal will help to make the standard of the journal and discipline of the journal will maintain the standard.

 b) Senior Faculty Member

The senior faculty member should be on the Editorial Board. The guidance of the senior faculty member will rectify the mistakes of the editors and authors.  This will ameliorate the quality of the journal.

 c) Affiliation of The Editors

The affiliation of the editor meant by the association of the editors in the current employment. It is necessary to describe the affiliation of the Editors, Reviewers, Authors.    

  d) International Editors

It will be an advantage if the journal has an international editor. It will increase the geographical reach of the journal. The more National, International level editor in the editorial board, the more geographical area, quality, content, the reach of the readers will increase.

  e) Review Procedure

As we know there are two types of review procedures, in the single-blind peer-review process, in which the article will check by the reviewer, without knowing the name or identity of the author. The author doesn’t know who is reviewing the article. The same process will happen twice in the double-blind peer review.  The publisher has to be mention which review process using in the journal.

5. Presentation Quality

Nowadays presentation quality matters a lot if you are presenting anything in an impressive way then it could change the perception of the readers and helps you to achieve the aim of the journal.

 a) Journal Website Design

The website is like a platform for presenting your journal in front of the world. This is the main reason for making your website easy to use, easy to accessible and presentable.

 b) Open Access

The meaning of open access is to provide the content openly without any direct or hidden charges. In some cases charges to access content will be lowest or else the reader has to fulfill the login procedure which will be free of cost, this is the types of open access.

Usually, publishers provide their journals openly for enormous reach. Open access should not be partial on the basis of economic status or geographical location. The type of access the journal will decide the time and duration of popularity and citation of the journal.

c) Cover Page Quality

The cover page of the journal is the first appearance of the journal. It should be attractive so that it can fascinate the attention of the readers towards the journal. The quality of the cover page will create an image of the journal in the reader's mind. This is the main cause to expect good quality of the cover page of the journal.

 d) Recent Development in Research

The articles should cover the recent development in research. This will attract the readers, researchers, and scholars so that they can update themself by the recent development in research.

 e) References and Indices

References and Indices should be in a sequence, which will look good and convenient for the reader to easily understand.



Publishers are required to index their Journal’s issues with articles every year so that the IPI value factor will be calculated annually and displayed in the IP Indexing website.

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