Indian Journal of Orthopaedics Surgery

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Issue and Contents

A short term review of Pipkin fractures type I treated surgically
Page No: 54-57
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.011

Study on outcome of cemented total hip replacement by posterolateral approach to hip
Page No: 58-68
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.012

Mortality and morbidity of proximal femur fractures in elderly population – A three year follow-up study
Page No: 69-72
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.013

An economic model to assess the value of triclosan-coated sutures in reducing the risk of surgical site infection in orthopedic surgeries in India
Page No: 73-80
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.014

Mechanical properties of regionally (India) manufactured versus internationally manufactured intramedullary tibial nails - A pilot study
Page No: 81-84
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.015

The prophylactic use of antibiotic coated intramedullary nail in treatment of open tibia fractures
Page No: 85-89
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.016

A comparative study of functional and radiological outcome in management of type IIIB tibial fractures by AO and ilizarov external fixator
Page No: 90-96
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.017

Functional outcome of scaphoid nonunion treated with herbert screw and bone grafting
Page No: 97-102
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.018

Functional outcome of submuscular plating for diaphyseal long bone fractures
Page No: 103-110
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.019

Functional and anatomical outcome of displaced intraarticular fractures of calcaneum treated using locking plate fixation
Page No: 111-116
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.020

Functional outcome of modified Blair’s arthrodesis for injuries of Talus
Page No: 117-121
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.021

Multiple spinal neurofibromas with cervical and lumbar cord compression In neurofibromatosis 1 - A rare presentation
Page No: 122-127
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.022

Aggressive lytic lesion of lesser trochanter proximal femur in an eighteen year old male - A case report
Page No: 128-131
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.023

Subtotal Claviculectomy for aneurysmal bone cyst of clavicle: A case report and review of literature
Page No: 132-136
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.024

Non traumatic avascular necrosis of navicular with subluxation of talonavicular joint
Page No: 137-139
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.025

A case report of heterotopic ossification as rare complication in both affected and unaffected side of hemiplegia following stroke
Page No: 140-143
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.026

Long jump – An unusual cause of knee dislocation and multiple ligament injuries
Page No: 144-146
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.027

Malunited proximal third tibia fracture treated with open reduction and internal fixation surgery with a raft plate using the early stage callus as a potential autograft
Page No: 147-151
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.028

“PICK up”: PVNS issues for clinician’s knowledge update
Page No: 152-153
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijos.2020.029


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