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Action for sustainable efficacious development and awareness

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Urban climatology in Brazil: An analysis based on the methodology of the urban climate system
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1201

Preliminary Study on Geospatial Techniques to assess and enhance water Quality of Uttarakhand, India
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1202

Treatment of industrial waste water using Water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipus) and Duckweed (Lemna minor): A Comparative study
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1203

Efficacy of fungal biodeterioration on stone monuments
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1204

Records of predators of the green apple aphid, Aphis pomi De Geer, from Himachal Pradesh
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1205

Optimization of various physiochemical parameters to enhance production of secondary metabolite from soil actinomycetes against dermatophytes
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1206

Assessment of suitability of ground water quality in and around Laksar, Haridwar, Uttarakhand on the basis Water Quality Index (WQI)
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1207

Role of viddha-agnikarma in chronic plantar fasciitis- A Case Study
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1208

Spatial analysis of ground water level and fluctuation at regional level in North-East of Haryana: Reference to Karnal District, India
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1209

Life form and biological spectrum of Indus Valley in Lower Ladakh region, J&K
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1210

Spiders of Katepurna sanctuary from the family Salticidae (Blackwall, 1841)
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1211

Effect of enzymatic treatment on wool fabric
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1212

Optimization of harvesting stages for higher yield of Ocimum spp. in North Indian Plains
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1213

Localization of Cadmium metal ion in Lemna polyrhiza L. using SEM morphology and EDX analysis
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1214

Rainfall probability analysis for conservation of water resources for sustainable irrigation planning
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1215

Water quality monitoring of three Lentic water bodies of Ujjain District (M.P.) India
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1216

A review article on surgical concepts of Acharya Sushruta
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1217

Impact of household air pollution exposure on rural India: A systemic review
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1218

Study of Aragvadha (Cassia Fistula Linn.) with special reference to phyto-pharmacological properties: An overview
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1219

DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1220

Phytoremediation efficiency of water hyacinth (E. crassipes), canna (C. indica) and duckweed (L. minor) plants in treatment of sewage water
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1221

Adaptive skill of Schizothorax sp. of river Alaknanda under pressure of urbanization and anthropogenic activities in Garhwal Himalaya
DOI: 10.36953/ECJ.2019.1008.1222

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