Study of contributing arteries to superficial palmar arch formation

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Bangale Sridevi P*

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The superficial palmar arch (SPA) is formed predominantly by the ulnar artery with a contribution from the superficial palmar branch of the radial artery. Aim: To study contributing arteries in superficial palmar arch formation and variations in its formation. Materials and Methods: Study comprised of 30 upper limbs from 15 cadavers. Palmar arches in them were dissected following classical incisions and dissection procedures of Cunninghams’ manual. Results: SPA was formed by superficial branch of ulnar artery only in 13.33% specimens, by superficial branch of both ulnar and radial artery in 70% specimens, by superficial branch of ulnar and persistent median artery in 13.33% specimens and was formed by superficial branches of ulnar and radial arteries with persistent median artery in 3.33% specimens. SPA was complete in 80% and was incomplete in 20% specimens. Conclusion: The arch formation is highly variable. Knowledge of contribution to the SPA will be helpful to the reconstructive hand surgical procedures such as arterial repairs, vascular graft applications and re-implantations.  

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 Ulnar artery, Radial artery, Median artery, Superficial palmar arch.
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