Osteochondroma of rib: A case report

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Case Report

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Abhijit Chandge*, Narendra D Kulkarni, Ashish M Chandge

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Introduction: Osteochondroma is the most common benign tumor of bone, occurring either as an isolated lesion or in the context of hereditary multiple exostoses. In both cases, osteochondroma can arise from the ribs, and is often asymptomatic. In fact, the diagnosis often follows the onset of serious complications either from mechanical interference with the neighboring anatomical structures, or from malignant degeneration., Case Report: We present a case of swelling over right side of chest wall in 40-year-old male patient. X-ray and CT scan showed bony swelling over right ninth rib. Tumor was resected to avoid future complication. Subsequently, histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of osteochondroma and showed the lack of dysplastic changes. Conclusion: Various studies have shown that the surgical resection of osteochondroma is necessary in adults to avoid future complications of haemothorax, pneumothorax, intercostals neuralgia and malignant transformation, hence we resected tumor in this case.  

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Osteochondroma, Rib.
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