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Subtalar joint dislocation: An uncommon injury, revisited

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Case Report

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Anish Vernekar*, Arun Krishnamoorthi, S M Bandekar

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Subtalar joint dislocations are very uncommon and occur following high energy injury, usually following motor vehicular accidents. They account for around 1-2% of dislocations. We present to you, a few cases of subtalar joint dislocation managed initially by closed reduction, followed by open reduction under anesthesia, with excellent functional outcome. Close to fifty percent of patients suffering from complicated injury, are frequently at risk of developing complications. Avascular necrosis of the talus is the most common complication, following dislocation. Other long-term sequelae include osteochondral fracture and subtalar joint instability. This study is presented because of its rarity in clinical practice.  

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Dislocation, Subtalar joint, Reduction.

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