Secret of radiation protection and anti-static clothing

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Junxiu Zhang,Haiyang Tang,Shiguo Chen

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In the current era, electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. Every day electromagnetic radiation and static electricity caused by a variety of hazards. So, anti-electromagnetic radiation and anti-static awareness gradually enjoys popular support, more attention are gained by people on the anti-electromagnetic radiation and anti-static. This caused radiation protection and anti-static clothing industry’s rise by the day. Radiation protection and anti-static clothing will enter various households to provide a certain amount of protection to the people's health. We discuss two parts in this paper, specifi cally from the eff ects of the electromagnetic radiation and electrostatic eff ects which started on radiation clothing and anti-static clothing. The main contents of this paper are as follows: The fi rst part of the defi nition of electromagnetic radiation and its brief introduction, while explaining the types of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic radiation sources in daily lives, followed by the emphasis of serious harms on electromagnetic radiation on human health It is precisely because of electromagnetic radiation on people's lives have serious threat, that makes the development of radiation protection. This follows the basic introduction of the radiation suit and the development of radiation protection clothings. The development of radiation protection suits is an established industry. Materials made of radiation protection are constantly changing, but their basic working principle has not changed. Followed by the introduction of the basic principles of radiation protection clothings, we theoretically present specifi c analysis and demonstration. However, the theoretical analysis and practice is often consists a certain gap, so we highlight a few actual situations on the impact of radiation protection clothings. Finally, we present a simple discussion on wide range of applications of radiation protection clothings. The thought process of second part is similar as the first part, respectively, we introduce the health hazards and the impact on people's lives of electrostatic eff ect and static electricity . Followed by that it is the basic principles, relevant analysis and discussion of anti-static clothing Finally, we provide the detailed explanation of the application of anti-static clothing.

Keyword :

electromagnetic radiation, static electricity, radiation protection, anti-static clothing
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