Now author profile in IP Indexing

If you are an author, and you want to store the article in one place, then IP Indexing has brought a portal for you to fill this gap, where you create an author profile and store all the articles you have written.


Advantages of creating profiles in IP Indexing

  1. If you are tired of submitting your article to a different place then IP Indexing can free you from this mess, if you submit your article in IP Indexing once, then your article will be submitted automatically in indexing portal like Google Scholar.
  2. If you submit your article to IP Indexing frequently, then you can get global views in your profile and articles, which will definitely enhance your citation.
  3. If you are a good writer and can write articles for others, then we can give you this work through the IP Indexing platform, which depends on your profile and writing skills.
  4. IP Indexing will keep you informed through future blogs, how you can strengthen your writing skills and profile and also share tips to increase the citation of your article.
  5. You can also track daily views and downloads in your article through your profile, which will help you to understand what kind of content and article people are liking more.
  6. A major benefit of creating a profile in IP Indexing will be that you will get a list of related journals from your subject, where you can select a related journal from your subject to publish your article.
  7. In our upcoming feature, you can bookmark any of your favourite and informative articles from IP Indexing to your profile, which you can access from your profile whenever you want without forgetting it.


Here are just a few features about IP Indexing, if you want to create your profile in IP Indexing then you can follow the steps given below. 


Author registration steps in IP Indexing

  1. First of all, you have to go to the login page of IP Indexing where you can see the option of author register.

Click here for the login page:

  1. Now you have to fill all the details in the author registration page and click in the register button
  1. Now you have to check your email, the email you entered while registering (inbox and spam also) and click in verify link here option.

Note: If you do not receive the verification link in any case, then you can contact us

  1. After the account is verified, you have to log in with your login details.

Note: When you log in, you have to select the author in user type.


Thanks for your registration now you can submit your research paper and also can update your profile.

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