International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research

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Issue and Contents

Novel Albumin Gel-platelet-rich fibrin mixture (Alb-PRF); where do we stand?
Page No: 239-241
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.051

Future of renewable energy in India for sustainable development
Page No: 242-244
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.052

Study of fasting & PP C- peptide & its correlation with HbA1c in T2 Diabetes mellitus in population of Uttarakhand
Page No: 245-247
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.053

Effect of therapeutic kinesio-taping in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome: A pilot study
Page No: 248-252
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.054

Sigma metrics in quality control- An innovative tool
Page No: 253-259
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.055

Harmful effects of malnutrition and possible sustainable solution
Page No: 260-264
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.056

Mispa count X; The first indigenous indian hematology 3-part analyzer
Page No: 265-273
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.057

Estimation of urinary delta aminolevulinic acid levels in gasoline and petrol pump workers as an index of lead exposure
Page No: 274-277
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.058

A study of pre-analytical errors in the clinical biochemistry laboratory at Victoria hospital, BMCRI, Bangalore
Page No: 278-280
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.059

Study of Hs Troponin I & uric acid in patients of myocardial infarction
Page No: 281-284
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.060

A study on evaluating blood urea and serum creatinine in diabetes mellitus patients
Page No: 285-288
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.061

Radical scavenging activity of fruit extracts
Page No: 289-293
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.062

Study of serum magnesium levels and its correlation with glycemic status in type II diabetes patients
Page No: 294-296
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.063

Association of LpPLA2 with coronary artery disease a hospital-based case control study
Page No: 297-303
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.064

Association of glycated haemoglobin and serum ferritin levels in type 2 diabetics of rural population
Page No: 304-307
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.065

Study of HbA1c & microalbumin in urine in patients of metabolic syndrome
Page No: 308-311
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.066

The role of sweat testing in cystic fibrosis
Page No: 312-314
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijcbr.2021.067

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