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Waning immunity and COVID-19 vaccines: What
Page No: 1-2
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.095

Aftermath of COVID-19 recovered paediatric patients
Page No: 3-4
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.096

Evaluation of role of remdesivir in covid-19 patients outcome: A retrospective analysis
Page No: 5-9
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.097

Trends in oxygen therapy in patients with moderate to severe COVID-19 admitted to the ICU
Page No: 10-14
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.098

Modification in practice of anaesthesia in COVID-19 pandemic: A review article
Page No: 15-22
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.099

Role of oxygen concentrators in covid pandemic
Page No: 23-28
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.100

The anesthesiologist and Covid-19 endocrinopathies
Page No: 29-35
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.101

COVID 19 and obstetrics: anaesthetic challenges, co-morbid conditions and critical care
Page No: 36-44
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.102

Integrated oxygen therapy consisting of non invasive ventilation and nasal cannulae in respiratory failure secondary to COVID-19 pneumonia: Case series
Page No: 45-48
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.103

Successful anesthetic management in a case of grade V splenic injury in covid 19 positive patient: A case report
Page No: 49-53
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.104

Covid-19 and a lost guidewire: A misty tale of misery!
Page No: 54-57
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.105

Surgical VSD closure in post-COVID cohort: A double whammy!
Page No: 58-59
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.106

Quality care in COVID ICU patients-beyond medicine
Page No: 60-61
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.107

Comparitive evaluation of different concentrations of alcohol in ultrasound guided coeliac plexus neurolysis for pain relief in upper abdominal malignancies
Page No: 492-500
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.108

Controlled comparison of ropivacaine with dexmedetomidine, clonidine and magnesium sulphate as adjuvant in caudal epidural block in paediatric population for infra-umbilical surgeries
Page No: 501-506
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.109

Assessment of post-operative analgesia in modified radical mastectomy patients using surgical wound irrigation with 0.25% bupivacaine
Page No: 507-510
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.110

A prospective randomised study of adjuvants for supraclavicular brachial plexus block: Clonidine vs Dexamethasone
Page No: 511-514
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.111

To observe the changes of optic nerve sheath diameter following the use of total intravenous anaesthesia with propofol or inhalational anaesthesia with desflurane during laparoscopic surgeries
Page No: 515-520
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.112

Comparative evaluation of sevoflurane and propofol to facilitate insertion of supra glottic airway device
Page No: 521-526
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.113

Comparative study of ropivacaine with tramadol and ropivacaine with midazolam for post-operative epidural analgesia
Page No: 527-531
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.114

Intranasal midazolam versus intranasal dexmedetomidine as premedication in paediatric patients: A comparative study
Page No: 532-536
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.115

Comparison of intravenous bolus doses of phenylephrine vs ephedrine along with crystalloid co-loading in the prevention of hypotension during spinal anesthesia for caesarean section
Page No: 537-542
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.116

A prospective randomized clinical study to compare the efficacy of 0.25% bupivacaine with clonidine and 0.25% levobupivacaine with clonidine in supraclavicular brachial plexus block for upper limb surgeries
Page No: 543-550
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.117

Transversus abdominis plane block by landmark technique with ropivacaine versus bupivacaine for post-operative analgesia in patients undergoing lower segment caesarean section deliveries
Page No: 551-555
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.118

Combined popliteal and saphenous nerve block vs NSAIDS for post operative analgesia in below knee surgery patients: A cross-sectional study
Page No: 556-560
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.119

Perioperative effect of dexmedetomidine on quality of analgesia and hemodynamic parameters in vaginal hysterectomy: A tertiary centre experience
Page No: 561-566
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.120

Comparison of analgesic efficacy of transversus abdominis plane block with local wound infiltration using 0.25% levobupivacaine for post cesarean analgesia: A randomized controlled trial
Page No: 567-573
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.121

Effectiveness and safety of cuff inflation technique over conventional method of Magill forceps for Nasotracheal intubation under direct laryngoscopy: Randomized controlled trial
Page No: 574-578
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.122

Nalbuphine versus dexmedetomidine for attenuation of haemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and intubation: A randomised double blind comparative study
Page No: 579-585
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.123

Analgesic efficacy of intercostal nerve block in percutaneous nephrolithotomy: systematic review and meta-analysis
Page No: 586-593
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.124

Anaesthetic management of a covid 19 positive parturient with newly diagnosed cardiomyopathy presenting with supraventricular tachycardia
Page No: 594-596
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.125

Anaesthesia management of a difficult airway patient with severe aortic stenosis for major oncosurgery
Page No: 597-599
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.126

Anaesthesia management of a case of huge neck mass due to cervical spine chondrosarcoma with distorted anatomy
Page No: 600-603
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.127

Peri-operative anaesthesia challenges in large anterior mediastinal mass - A case report
Page No: 604-607
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.128

Anaesthetic implications for splenectomy in a child with Gaucher
Page No: 608-610
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.129

A case report of anaesthesia for craniotomy in sitting position
Page No: 611-614
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.130

Excision of intra-dural dorsal spine meningioma with intra-operative neuromonitoring in a patient with post-pneumonectomy status- an anaesthetic challenge
Page No: 615-618
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.131

Anaesthetic management of a case of pulmonary thromboembolism with pulmonary artery hypertension posted for bipolar hemiarthroplasty
Page No: 619-623
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.132

Need for modified PAC form in geriatric age group
Page No: 624-625
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.133

A rare case of congenital bilateral bullous emphysema with vacterl anomaly with congenital heart disease
Page No: 626-627
DOI: 10.18231/j.ijca.2021.134

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