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Muslim Intellectuals Research Center (MIRC) Multan-Pakistan
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Pakistan Islamicus (An International Journal of Islamic & Social Sciences) is a Bi-annual peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum to get access to the research of world-class authors, prominent researchers, leading social scientists, and scholars operating at the top of their fields. The journal aims to enhance awareness about religious, social, and cultural issues affecting our society and find solutions to these problems.

We welcome articles from all disciplines related to Social Sciences. Especially, our focus is on various disciplines of Islamic Studies, such as, ‘The Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Jurisprudence of Islamic Economics (Finance & Banking), Sirah al-Nabi, Islamic Civilization and History, Comparative Study of Religions, etc. The journal has three sections; each for a different language i.e. Urdu, Arabic, and English. We invite complete, original, valuable research in any one of these languages.

Being a source of prompt publication of recent advances in the field of Islamic and Social Sciences, this journal is useful to authors, readers, reviewers, teachers, students, and librarians alike. The information published here is disseminated to the public rapidly and creates a significant impact on our daily lives.


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Pakistan Islamicus
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Volume 02 Issue 1
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