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October University for Modern Sciences and Arts
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The "October University for Modern Sciences and Arts" has published the MSA-Management Sciences Journal (MSA-MSJ), which was created and is developing its activities at the Faculty of Management Sciences. The scientific journal has an interdisciplinary nature. It is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal publishing theoretical and empirical research papers covering the major aspects of accounting, economics, human resources, marketing, management information systems, and finance. The journal's purpose is to improve communication between and within the academic and other research communities, policymakers, and operational decision makers. The journal's emphasis is on theoretical developments and their implementation, as well as empirical, applied, and policy-oriented research.

MSA-Management Sciences Journal (MSA-MSJ) publishes articles that achieve a balance between the practical and academic sectors and acknowledge the complex relationships between various areas of business activity. MSA-MSJ is represented by a diverse and international editorial board, comprising of individuals from reputable institutions.

The MSA-MSJ promotes and provides possibilities for research publication, which increases student and young scientist interest in research and creates new research opportunities.

The quality of the publications, relevance, practicality and scientific value will be assessed via a double-blind peer review system created for the journal, which will include reviewers who have proved themselves in their corresponding scientific area.

The journal is open access and there is no publishing fee.

The MSA-Management Sciences Journal will be published electronically four times per year.




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Msa-management Sciences Journal
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