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The Journal of International Museum Education (JIMuseumED) is an online, academic journal that offers international, peer-reviewed, non-profit, free access to museum education at every educational level to publish research, review, critical, review and translation articles. JIMuseumED, especially in world literature, including Turkey aims to develop the museum education. JIMuseumED aims to be an important source of reference for researchers who are conducting research in this area by collecting the works that are scattered especially in the fields of museum education, teaching in historical places and out of school. Therefore, we invite researchers and authors from different disciplines to contribute to JIMuseumED. Our journal has all kinds of education oriented museums, historical places, ruins, science centers and so on. It accepts both qualitative and quantitative empirical research, review and publication critiques. Our magazine is published online once a year. The studies that have passed the evaluation in JIMuseumED are published as a preliminary view without waiting for a new number.

As JIMuseumED aims to increase the quality and quantity of the works in this field, it adopts free and open access publishing policies. For this purpose, no fee is requested for the submission, evaluation or publication of the articles, and also provides free and unlimited access to the published articles.


JIMuseumED publishes articles on museum education. The scope of the journal includes:


1. Archeology, Ethnography, Science etc. all kinds of museum studies in the context of the study,

2. Studies on the educational importance of Historical Sites, Science Centers,

3. studies addressing the historical development of museum education in Turkey and the world,

4. Critical critical studies on books, textbooks and journal articles on museum education,

5. Translation studies aiming to inform Turkish researchers about museum education in different countries,


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Journal Of International Museum Education
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