Journal Of Cultural Leadership Studies

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Arta Scientific Leaders Institute
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The purpose of Journal of Cultural Leadership Studies (JCLS) is to publish research aimed at helping us understand and predict effective leadership – leadership of people, groups, and organizations and also, understand and predict culture – culture of people, groups, and organizations. JCLS continuously renews and reinvigorates culture and leadership scholarship, practice and policy by promoting forward thinking scholarship. While culture and leadership in organizations can be informal, it occurs in the context of people holding and acting within the scope of formal positions of management. Thus we seek to advance research that has clear functional value to managers and leaders across organizations and cultures. JCLS serves to promote scholarship that asks and/or seeks answers to grand questions, embraces paradox, addresses key fissures in scholarly and practical knowledge, and that challenges traditions, paradigms, and the status quo to create jolts and discontinuous growth in the learning curve of the field of leadership, culture and management.

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Journal Of Cultural Leadership Studies
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