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Medical Sciences
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Desousa Foundation
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Why a New Journal on Mental Health... There are a large number of journals that focus on psychiatry, psychology and various other mental health specialities in the Indian sub-continent. There is always an eternal question that arises of the need for yet another journal on mental health. The present journal has been christened as �Indian Journal of Mental Health�. The need for such a journal has been on my mind for some time now though the crystallization of the concept has taken much longer. There are many journals that focus on psychiatry and psychology but yet look at all mental health disciplines as separate branches discreet from one another. The present journal aims to bridge this gap. The journal aims to provide a common platform for psychologists, non-governmental organization workers, social workers and psychiatrists to have a common platform to present their work and debate their ideas. This journal has many unique features when we compare it to its counterparts.

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Indian Journal Of Mental Health
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