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Computer Science
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V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the NAS of Ukraine
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Indexed - 2021 : IPI Value (2.48)

Indexed - 2022 : IPI Value (2.54)

Journal Description

The journal publishes articles in English and Ukrainian containing original theoretical and applied results in the fields of mathematical methods of control and decision-making, computational mathematics methods and mathematical modeling, information technology, computer systems and technologies.

In more detail the scope of the journal looks as follows:

-     mathematical tools for study of extremal problems: applied nonlinear analysis, convex structures, multivalued mappings;

-     mathematical control theory, decision-making under conflict and uncertainty;

-     optimization methods for discrete, convex, stochastic, non-differentiable problems;

-     computational mathematics and mathematical modeling;

-     mathematical modeling and information technologies in applied problems of biology, medicine, economics and other fields;

-     intelligent information technologies, methods and tools of artificial intelligence;

-     optimization of calculations, high performance computing;

-     real-time systems, big data processing;

-     theory and practice of information systems building, information networks and computer systems for various purposes.

-     specialized and problem-oriented computer tools.


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Cybernetics And Computer Technologies
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