Adab Al-kufa

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University of Kufa \ College of Arts
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The Journal of Kufa Arts (Adab Al-Kufa) is a quarterly scientific journal concerned with publishing research and writings in all fields of human sciences. It is published by the University of Kufa, College of Arts. It is considered one of the best scientific journals for publishing research. This scientific journal publishes paper and electronic copies periodically with the aim of providing rapid and rapid publishing services For Iraqi researchers and from different countries of the world in various fields and scientific, literary, educational, legal, Islamic and jurisprudential sciences, humanities, social and historical sciences, and many others. The editor-in-chief of the journal aims for the Kufa Literature Journal to be at the forefront of the scientific journals that contribute to supporting the research and cultural balance and enriching the balance of the Iraqi, Arab and international libraries.


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Adab Al-kufa
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