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Alteration of Acetylcholinesterase Mediatory Cognitive Behavioral Pattern through Phytomedicine (MEC-01) in Wistar Rats

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MEC-01 is a phytomedicine composed with C. pluricaulis, B. monnieri, C. asiatica, A. racemosus, N. jatamansi and Withania somnifera. The aim of the present study was to find out underlying mechanism of MEC-01 on cognitive behavioral pattern in experimental animals. The total phenolics content, DPPH radical scavenging, brain lipid peroxidation and acetylcholine esterase in inhibitory actions of MEC-01 was studied in in vitro methods. Cognitive functions were assessed by passive avoidance and Morris water maze tests in normal and scopolamine induced memory impaired mice. The findings revealed that MEC-01 has enriched in phenolic compounds, inhibited free radicals scavenge, exerted protective actions against brain lipid peroxidation and inhibited central acetylcholine esterase enzyme activity. MEC has no lethality up to the oral single dose of 2000 mg/kg in mice. Moreover, MEC-01 exhibited improvement in retention of learning in normal and cognitive deficit animals. The results indicate MEC-01 can facilitate learning and memory and possesses significant antidementic properties that may be mediated via acetylcholine esterase attenuating neuronal functions.

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Antioxidant, Cognition, Dementia, Acetylcholine esterase, Phytomedicine.


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