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Antinociceptive and Neuroprotective Activity of Withania Somnifera (WS) Extract In Rat Model of Vincristine Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

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Peripheral neuropathy is defined as damage to the peripheral nervous system resulting in a syndrome of sensory loss, muscle weakness and atrophy along with vasomotor symptoms, alone or in any combination. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the Antinociceptive and neuroprotective activity of Withania somnifera (WS) extract in rat model of Vincristine induced peripheral neuropathy. This study accomplished that the WS extract improved body weights of the rats which were changed during the experiment, nociceptive threshold estimated to the extent of neuropathic pain by assessing the screening procedures; paw and tail cold allodynia, tail immersion, tail flick, paw heat hyperalgesia, motor in-co-ordination and mechanical hyperalgesia. Withania somnifera extract reversed the vincristine induced anemia, leucopenia and thrombocytopenia in rats assessed by estimating the parameters- RBC, WBC, Haemoglobin percentage, hematocrit, platelet count and MCV. Vincristine induced oxidative stress (increased TBARS and decreases gluthathione) was attenuated by WS extract which was estimated in sciatic nerve homogenate. The nerve fiber dearrangement which was seen in the histopathological study of sciatic nerve samples against the vincristine induced peripheral neuropathy was reversed by Withania somnifera extract. Administration of WS extract attenuated the physical, behavioral, hematological, biochemical, histopathological parameters in vincristine induced neuropathy. Withania somnifera extract administration is claimed to be useful in the treatment of pain associated with peripheral neuropathy which may be attributed to antinociceptive, immunomodulator, antioxidant, neuroprotective activities supports the ethno-pharmacological activity of WS.

Keyword :

neuropathy, Antinociceptive, Withania Somnifera,


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