Oil Extraction from Matured Seeds of Cassia Tora and its Nutritional, Antioxidative Properties

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The matured seed of Cassia tora was analyzed to extract oil content to determine nutritional and antioxidant properties. The seed oil extracted by the steam distillation method, the nutritional profile, free radical scavenging and phosphomolybdenum reduction assay were also determined. The seed derived extracted oil (41.8%) contained free fatty acids 22.15±1.71%, total amino acids 21.09±1.69%, unsaturated fatty acids of oleic acid (13.31±1.72%), linoleic acid (11.25±1.13%), palmitic acid (12.78±1.21%) and total amino acid. The seed oil possessed significant free radical scavenging activity of IC50 (28.78±0.69) and phosphomolybdenum reduction (52.4±4.32), which was equal to that of rutin (31.56±0.81) as synthetic antioxidant drug. The result of this study revealed that the oil extracted from matured seeds possess reduced fatty acids, higher unsaturated fatty acids, more content of amino acids, free radical scavenging ability and phosphomolybdenum reduced properties. In conclusion, the Cassia tora seed oil may be used as edible in human health and also used for various treatments of rheumatoid, cardiovascular disease and nutritional deficiency.

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Cassia tora, fatty acids, seed oil, free radical and analgesic activity.
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