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Aripiprazole and Clozapine: A Review of Spectroscopic and Chromatographic Method

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Aripiprazole and Clozapine are classified as an Atypical Antipsychotics. Aripiprazole primarily used in the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Clozapine works by changing the actions of chemicals in the brain. It is used to treat severe schizophrenia, or to reduce the risk of suicidal behavior in people with schizophrenia or similar disorders. It is also used in Parkinson’s disease. The clinical and pharmaceutical analysis of these drugs requires effective analytical procedures for quality control and pharmacodyna44mic and pharmacokinetic studies as well as stability study. There are many analytical methods reported so far in the literature for the determination of Aripiprazole and Clozapine in Biological samples and pharmaceutical formulations. This article comprises reviews of analytical methods like Spectrophotometric methods, chromatographic methods.

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Aripiprazole, Clozapine, Spectrophotometry, HPLC


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