Formulation and evaluation of posaconazole loaded nanostructured lipid carriers for topical drug delivery system

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Shrishail M Ghurghure, Tanuja Jadhav, Sapana Kale, Atual A Phatak

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The aim of the present study was to formulate and evaluate Posaconazole loaded NLCs gel using solid lipid as GMS, liquid lipid as oleic acid and surfactants as tween 80 and span 80, with the help of high-speed homogenization followed by sonication technique to improve the bioavailability, to avoid the oral side effects, to achieve the site-specific delivery and to improve the patient compliance. NLCs of Posaconazole was prepared with different drug: carrier ratios using high speed homogenization followed by sonication technique. % entrapment efficiency for F3 batch of NLC was found to be more than 95%. SEM studies were carried out and depending on it F3 batch was found to have particle size range 200nm which was selected as optimized NLCs batch. IR, XRD and DSC were performed to identify the physicochemical interaction between drug and optimized formulation. The optimized NLCs was then incorporated into gel base to form Posaconazole loaded NLCs gel. The prepared NLCs gel were evaluated for viscosity, pH, spread-ability, extrudability and in-vitro drug release studies. It was found to be 34666 cps, 5.7, 12.22 ±0.8 cm, 85.34% and drug release of NLCs gel within 6hrs was 98.62% respectively. The obtained data for in-vitro drug release was putted in various mathematical kinetic models. Hence, F3 batch was selected as optimized batch.

Keyword :

NLCs, Posaconazole etc, In-vitro drug release studies, Gel
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