Synthesis and evaluation of 6-Fluoro benzothiazole substituted quinazolinones

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P. Niharika, J Risy Namratha, N. Sunitha, S. Manohar Babu

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Purpose: The present work was hypothesized to synthesize Benzothiazole substituted diethyl amino Quinazolinone derivatives and evaluate their antimicrobial activity. Materials and Methods: Quinazolinones were synthesized from condensation of 2-amino benzothiazole, anthranilic acid and acetic anhydride further followed by condensation with formaldehyde and diethyl amine. Antimicrobial activity was evaluated by agar disc diffusion using organisms and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activies were studied using albumin denaturation and hydrogen peroxide radical scavenging methods. Results: The structures of the synthesized Quinazolinone derivatives were confirmed by spectral analysis, such as IR, H-NMR and among the derivatives screened, the compounds 4d, 4f 4g, 4h have appreciable antimicrobial activity compared to standards. The compounds (4a-4h) have least anti-inflammatory activity while compound 4g have significant antioxidant activity as that of positive control.

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2­ Aminobenzothiazole, Quinazolinone, Antimicrobial activity, Anti­inflammatory activity, Antioxidant activity
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