A brief review of high throughput screening in drug discovery process

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Review Article

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Jignesh J. Kansagra, Keval Y. Raval, Tejas H. Ganatra

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The pharmaceutical industry is fast pace growing field in which companies are focusing on research and development to identify new therapies and novel compounds which can provide better alternatives and which acts on new targets. For that matter, they are in need of rapid compound testing and screening. High throughput screening (HTS) is a important tool in drug discovery process which enables to screen more than millions of compound in a short period of time. It comprises of various tools which includes microtiter well plates, robotic arms and detectors. The basic application of HTS is to find ‘hits’, a compound from compound library which shows the affinity with the target molecule.

Keyword :

High throughput screening, Drug discovery, Hits, FRET
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