Role of catalyst in organic synthesis

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Review Article

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Rakesh D Amrutkar, Shivam S Bhalerao, Akanksha S Bhoir, Rina H. Bhusare, Samiksha S Bodhare, Jagruti N. Borse

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Catalyst is a common word that comes across while studying chemistry especially while learning about chemical reactions. While some of the chemical reactions occur quickly, some take a long time and require extra materials or effort. In Chemistry, catalysts are defined as those substances which alter the rate of reaction by changing the path of reaction. Most of the time a catalyst is used to speed up or increase the rate of the reaction. However, if we go to a deeper level, catalysts are used to break or rebuild the chemical bonds between the atoms which are present in the molecules of different elements or compounds. In essence, catalysts encourage molecules to react and make the whole reaction process easier and efficient. The present review focuses on history, types and role of catalysis in organic reaction.

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Catalysis, Reaction, Homogeneous, Photocatalyst
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