The pharmacological and phytochemical study of adansonia digitata

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Review Article

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Gautam Kumar, Girendra Kumar Gautam, Ravi Kumar, Harshit Rana

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Adansonia digitata is a unique tree with their tender root, twigs, seeds, leaves, tubers, fruits and flowers which are edible. The Adansonia are also used for treat of various types of disease/disorder due to their nutritional and chemical contents. This plant is mostly found in South Africa and Asian countries. In this paper, we represent the nutritional benefits of Adansonia digitata tree parts vise its fruits pulp, seeds, and leaves etc. The medicinal properties of the tree parts as well as the medicinal compound contained are discussed on addition. In this paper, the nutrition benefits of seeds oil are concluded use as premium oil.

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Adansonia digitata L, Baobab tree, Baobab leaves, Baobab fruit pulp, Baobab seeds
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