A review on: Neocov is not new COVID it’s old and similar to SARS

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Piyush Kumar Singhal, Gaurav Kumar, Girendra Kumar Gautam, Ravi Kumar, Mohit Kumar, Akansha Nirwal

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Recently, Coronavirus has given great attention from the biomedical community based on the appearance and isolation coronavirus that infects humans. To understand the new MERS-COV behaviour appears to require different knowledge levels (epidemiologists, antigenic, and pathogens), and this knowledge can be produced from the most related viruses. In this study, we direct to compare between 3 species of Coronavirus, namely Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS-COV), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-COV), and Neocov regarding all genomes and 6 similar proteins (E, M, N, S, ORF1A, and ORF1AB) use different bioinformatics tools to provide a better understanding of the relationship between 3 viruses at nucleotide and amino acids. All sequences have obtained from the National Center Biotechnology Center (NCBI). Greetings to target genomes phylogenetic analysis shows that MERS and SARS-COV is closer to each other compared to Neocov, and the latter has a relatively longest time. We found that all phylogenetic methods in addition to all parameters (physical and chemical properties of amino acids such as amino acid, molecular weight, atoms the composition, theoretical pi, and structural formula) show that Neocov protein is the most related to MERS-COV. All phylogenetics trees (with the maximum-possibility method and joining neighbours) show that Protein Neocov has less evolution changes except ORF1A only with the maximum possible method. Our results show a high similarity between the structural protein of the virus responsible for the virus infectivity; Therefore, we hope Neocov will appear faster in human-related infections.

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Coronavirus, Genomes, NeoCov, S protein, Transmission
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