Polyphenols: The interactions with CYP isoenzymes and effect on pharmacokinetics of drugs

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Review Article

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Bhamre Vaibhav G., Deore Pranjal D., Amrutkar Rakesh D, Patil Vinod R.

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Recent clinical studies demonstrated that certain natural polyphenols like flavonoids present in dietary supplements modify the pharmacokinetics of some co-administered drugs. Number of herbal remedies interact selectively with different CYP isoenzymes and hence alter CYP- mediated drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Drug-polyphenol interaction may alter drug bio availability through altered absorption, distribution and metabolism. There is need to collect clinical evidences to support whether the effect of drugs and polyphenols co-administration rather than relying on in-vitro experiments or animal studies. Herbal drugs containing variety of polyphenols interact with CYP enzymes leading to either induction or inhibition of CYPs which alters the pharmacokinetic parameters of their respective substrate drugs. This information will be helpful for physicians and pharmacists to alleviate risks associated with polyphenolic remedies as well as to realize the benefits of alternative medicine.

Keyword :

Polyphenols, CYP 450 isoenzymes, Pharmacokinetics
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