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Umran Sevil,Ayca Gürkan,Süleyman Derman,Ali Serdar Yücel,Murat Korkmaz

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Purpose: In this study, a number of important topics related to children's health were analytically evaluated and interpreted. The aim of the study is to increase people's awareness of child health, to understand the problems and to contribute to the search for solutions. Scope: The study focuses on common health problems in children. These problems include obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies, infectious diseases and immune problems. The importance of healthy eating habits and physical activity is also emphasized in the study. Vaccines play a critical role in child health. Childhood vaccines, vaccination programs and the effects of vaccination on public health were also evaluated in this study. In addition, issues such as opposition to vaccination are also included in the scope of the study. Psychological health was also considered as an important issue within the scope of the study. Common problems in children include depression, anxiety disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Symptoms and treatment of these problems and the importance of early intervention were mentioned in the study. Physical development is recognized as an integral part of child health. In terms of physical development, issues such as proper nutrition, exercise, sleep patterns and monitoring of children's growth and development processes were also discussed and evaluated. The impact of health policies and health services on children, various problems regarding the accessibility, quality and scope of services for child health and suggestions for improvement are included in the study. Method: G20 countries are analyzed in detail. All analyses were conducted with SPSS v17.0 (SPSS Science, Chicago, IL, USA) and Eviews 18.0. When calculating statistical differences between groups, p

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Child, Health, Pandemic, Policy, Development, Practice, Program
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