Novel clinical pharmacy practice: extended role and improved competencies

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Fathi Sherif

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In health care delivery system, if you are not part of the solution, then you must be part of the problem. Over the last few decades, clinical pharmacy encourages pharmacist and pharmacy support staff to move their focus from product-oriented role towards new direct engagement with patient, to make the most of the benefits that patients obtain from the medicine they take, or the problems they encounter with, their medicines use. In USA, pharmacists’ participation in physician ward rounds was shown to reduce adverse drug events by 78.0% and 66.0% in general medical and intensive care settings [1. 2]. A study covering 1 029 US hospitals indicated that centrally based and patient-specific clinical pharmacy services are associated with reduced mortality rates [3]. The services involved were medicines information, clinical research performed by pharmacist, active pharmacist participation in resuscitation teams and pharmacist undertaking admission medication histories. New pharmacists’ roles in healthcare system around the globe have moved and developed significantly over the past few years, particularly with expansion of scope of practice which allows pharmacist to focus on the clinical aspects of direct patient care [4, 5]. Pharmacist is drug therapy experts of health care team. Therefore, pharmacist, today, is the arbiters of effective and safe use of medicines. Medication therapy management is one of the major areas in which physician more and more rely on pharmacist to benefit their patients.

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Clinical Pharmacy, evolution, pharmacist role, professional, skills
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