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Ewingu2019s sarcoma of the mandible- A case report

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Case Report

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G. V. Ramachandra Reddy*, Swati Surushe, Saumya Khare, Md. Ishtiyak Khan, Sadiya Tarannum, Shubhi Maheshwari

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Ewingu2019s sarcoma is a rare aggressive variant of small round cell tumors and is an uncommon malignancy that occurs usually in childhood. It constitutes 10u201315% of all primary malignant tumors and represents the second most common malignant bone tumor occurring in children and young adults after osteosarcoma - with an estimated incidence of 2.93 cases/million inhabitants under 20 years of age/year. This paper presents a case of 10-year-old male child who reported with a rapidly progressing swelling in the right mandibular posterior ramus region. The patient was diagnosed with Ewingu2019s sarcoma on the basis of history, clinical, radiological and confirmed with histopathological & immunohistochemical examination. Since the exact diagnosis is hard to achieve before biopsy, the condition poses a difficult diagnostic dilemma for the clinician.nu00a0

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Ewing's sarcoma, Mandible, Primitive neuroectodermal tumor.

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