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Giant mandibular osteoma: A case report and review of literature

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Case Report

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Tushar Deshmukh, Lalit Janjani, Ashish Kamboj*, Doddamani Diwakar, Nishant Sinha

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Osteomas are benign osteogenic lesions that result from the proliferation of mature bone. Three variants are known: central, peripheral, and extra skeletal. The peripheral variant is the most common and it most frequently affects the paranasal sinuses, rarely occurring in the jaws. Mostly peripheral osteomas are of small size and rarely requiring surgical treatment. Multiple osteomas occur in Gardneru2019s syndrome however isolated lesions are non-syndromic. Neoplastic, inflammatory, developmental and traumatic theories are given as etiologic causes. Here we have described a case of 66-year-old female patient who developed a giant peripheral osteoma in mandibular body region which was managed surgically and no recurrence noticed. Radiological evaluation portrayed a different picture and histopathology confirmed the diagnosis.nu00a0

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Peripheral Osteoma, Bony growth, Surgical management.

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