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Craniofacial fibrous dyplasia: A case report with emphasis on radiographic findings

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Case Report

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Mrunmayee Shrikant Durugkar*, Mahendra Ramdas Patait, Kedar Saraf, Misbah Farheen Mulla, Suyog Tupsakhare, Swati Jadhav

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Fibrous dysplasia (FD) is an idiopathic skeletal disorder where normal bone gets replaced by poorly organized fibrous connective tissue. The lesion is classified into two forms: monostotic and polyostotic. This disorder arises from sporadic mutation of the ?-subunit of the Gs stimulatory protein. Although histopathology is a gold standard in the diagnosis of any pathology, radiology remains an important investigation. In radiology, fibrous dysplasia is very often associated with the term ground glass matrix. The knowledge of its unique pathogenesis and course are crucial to understand imaging findings and potential complications. Here, we are presenting case report of fibrous dysplasia involving the craniofacial bones.nu00a0

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u00a0Fibrous dysplasia, Craniofacial, Monostotic FD.

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