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Areca nut ingestion–An unusual cause of presentation of chronic abdominal pain

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Case Report

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Mageswaran M., Sudip Paul, Arnab Mandal, Subhabrata Das, Prosanta Kumar Bhattacharjee

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A 42-year-old female patient, presented with recurrent abdominal pain, over 5 years. She had undergone abdominal hysterectomy 12 years ago, suggesting possible band obstruction. X-rays revealed a densely radio-opaque shadow, rounded in outline, with a relatively less opaque central portion. CT abdomen located it intra-luminally in the ileum, without significant evidence of obstruction. Laparotomy revealed an intact areca nut with a thick rim of calcification, proximal to an ileal stricture.

Keyword :

Areca nut, Intestinal obstruction, Phytobezoar, Radio­opaque abdominal foreign body, GIFBs

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