Accessory fallopian tube

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Case Report

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Manish R Pandya*, Ghanshyam K Gorvadiya, Jeel A Modesara

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Accessory fallopian tube is a rare, congenital and developmental mullerian duct anomaly. The documented incidence is around 6-10% in women seeking for infertility treatment. We observed accessory fallopian tube in a patient during routine checking of operative field, ovaries and fallopian tube during caesarean section. Accessory fallopian tube is congenital anomaly which is attached with ampullary part of main fallopian tube. Accessory fallopian tube is common site for pyosalpinx, hydrosalpinx, cystic swelling and torsion which can lead to infertility and other complications. The ovum released by ovary may also captured by accessory fallopian tube which can lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy. During the embryological development of female urogenital system, development of fallopian tube occurs from cranial un fused portion of mullerian ducts. This duct is derived from mesoderm, the middle layer of germ cell layers in the embryo. Bifurcation of cranial end of mullerian duct results in accessory fallopian tube.  

Keyword :

Accessory fallopian tube, Mullerian duct, Infertility, Ectopic pregnancy, Pyosalpinx.
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