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Extraction followed by micro-osteoperforation: A simple, efficient and rapid approach for treatment of anterior open-bite in a growing patient - A case report

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Case Report

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Gaurav Sharma, Rajan Nikumbh, Ashish Gupta, Thokchom Joshitra, Rashmi Puri

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This case report discusses orthodontic treatment combined with extraction followed by micro-osteoperforation to accelerate tooth movement and shorten the treatment time in 13-year-old female patient with an Angle’s Class I malocclusion with anterior open-bite, proclined upper and lower anterior teeth, posterior-crossbite. Fixed orthodontic appliances (MBT 0.022” pre-adjusted edgewise brackets) were bonded, Begg’s brackets were bonded on lower anterior lingually and lingual buttons with upper central incisors palatally for breaking tongue-trusting-habit, 4-months later extraction of first premolar in all the four quadrants was carried out, and after-2-months micro-osteoperforation in the extraction space region was performed. Orthodontic therapy continued with frequent activation of the appliances to retract the anterior teeth every-20-days. Total treatment time was 21-months with an active period of 15-months and no adverse effect were observed at the end of active period. Successful closure of the anterior open-bite and correction of posterior-crossbite with adequate overbite and interdigitation of the teeth was achieved.

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Temporomandibular, Crimpable, Mesoprosopic

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