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Dentoalveolar distraction with mandibular hyrax: A new vista

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Deepak Chauhan, Sanjeev Datana, Varun Govindraj

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Management of adult orthodontic patient is always challenging as they need interdisciplinary approach and wants early completion of treatment. Adult patients generally have edentulous spaces due to various reasons. Orthodontic space closure of such old, edentulous areas especially in mandibular posterior region is the main challenge. To curtail treatment duration, a new technique of rapid Molar mesilazation utilizing dentoalveolar distraction osteogenesis was used for orthodontic space closure. In this report, we presented a technique of orthodontic closure of edentulous spaces in the mandibular posterior region accelerated by corticotomy and alveolar ridge expansion utilizing dentoalveolar distraction by using a modified dentoalvelar distractor made from mandibular hyrax appliance. With this modified dentoalvelar distractor anchorage loss was minimum and edentulous space was closed in short time, also satisfactory function and esthetics were achieved without any restorative treatment.

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Mandibular hyrax, Dentoalveolar distraction, Ridge expansion, Corticotomy, Adult treatmen

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