Journal of Contemporary Orthodontics

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Gautham Kalladka, Amey Rathi, Fayyaz Ahmed

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Clinical Tip

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Gautham Kalladka, Amey Rathi, Fayyaz Ahmed

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Deep bite is one of the commonest malocclusion seen in our routine practice.The etiology can be dental, skeletal or combination of both. Deep bite can be corrected with intrusion of the incisors, extrusion of the posterior teeth and/or surgery. Excessive overbite may impede the growth of the mandible and mandibular dentoalveolar region. It may cause temporomandibular joint disorders and increased masticatory muscle activities. Hence, early treatment of deep bite is critical. The turbo expander as discussed in this article permits disocclusion of the posterior teeth which allows extrusion of the posterior segment, and also helps in the expansion of the dental arch.

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Deep bite, Turbo expander, Bi- Helix appliance, Bite plane