Divine Proportions as Predictors of Facial Esthetics : A Photometric Study Using AutoCAD Software

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A.S.Krishna Chaitanya, G.Ramya Reddy

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Objective: The aim of the study is to analyze the relationship between Divine proportions and facial esthetics in horizontal and vertical proportions. Materials and methods:Two hundred facial photographs of subjects were analysed into attractive and unattractive group using visual analog scale numbered from 0 to 100, by a panel of thirty members with attractive group consisting of 36male and 28 female and unattractive group consisting of 30male and 34 female subjects. Later these photographs were digitized in Adobe Photoshop software and analysed for divine proportion utilizing AutoCAD 2019 software, after calculating divine proportion for each subject comparison of mean values for each parameter between attractive and unattractive groupswas done by unpaired ‘t’ test for significance. Results: Comparing attractive and unattractive group attractive group showed values closer to divine proportion than unattractive group, however few parameters Eye width in horizontal parameters , Upper facial height and Lower facial height in vertical parameters were closer to divine proportion value and statistically significant (P

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Divine proportions, Golden proportions, Facial esthetics, Esthetics, Attractiveness.
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