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Comparison of Volumetric Dimensions of Orofacial Airway in Subjects with Class I and Class II Malocclusion – A CBCT Study

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Shetty Suhani Sudhakar, Sorake Abhinay, K Nillan Shetty

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OBJECTIVE: To compare the 3-D dimensions of tongue space and nasopharyngeal airway space in subjects with class I and class II skeletal malocclusion. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Cone beamed computer tomographies of 20 class I skeletal pattern subjects and 20 class II skeletal pattern subjects (mean age- 24±4years) were examined. Tongue space and nasopharyngeal airway space volume were evaluated in mm3. Group was divided into two skeletal patterns according to ANB, beta angle and wits AO/BO. Group comparison was done using independent Student paired test/ Mann-Whitney test at the P < .05 level. RESULTS: According to independent Student paired test/ Mann-Whitney test, statistical significance was seen in both tongue space and nasopharyngeal airway space volume. The tongue space volume and nasopharyngeal airway volume was found to be decreased in class II skeletal pattern when compared to class I skeletal pattern individual. Sexual dimorphism was also noticed. CONCLUSIONS: Significant differences in orofacial airway volume of Class I and class II subjects were identified. KEYWORDS: Tongue space; nasopharyngeal airway; CBCT; 3D; volumetric analysis.