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A Comparative Analysis of Exactitude and Efficacy of Conventional Method Vs 3d Software for Analyzing Orthodontic Study Models

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Arun George, Sonal Attri, Vaibhav Misra, Ankur Aggarwal, Ashish Yadav, Deepti Bhardwaj

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Objective: To c ompare 3 D d igital study models with respect to their efficiency in reproducing the details when compared with conventional methods. Materials   and   Methods:   Sixty   orthodontic   study   models   were measuring   Bolton’s   analysis,   ideal   arch   analysis   and   tooth   width   analysis   both   in   conventional   and   digital   methods.   In   conventional   method   Vernier   caliper   and   brass   wire   were   used   while   in   digital   method      3D  3E      digital   scanner   and   Ortho Analyzer  software   program   were   used   for   model   analysis. Results: To   analyze   the   difference   between   measurement   values,   t-test   was   used   for   data   with   normal   distribution.   There  was   no   significant   difference   between   the   conventional   and   digital   methods   in   boltons   analysis, ideal   arch   analysis   and   tooth   width   analysis.   Conclusion: There   was   no   difference   between   the   efficacy   of   conventional   and   digital   methods.   Both   the   methods   are   as   reliable   in   assessing   the   study   models.

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Model   analysis,   Bolton’s   ratio,   Digital   Scanner,   Conventional   method,   digital   method,   study   models