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A Digital Orthopantomograph Study for Age Estimation by Measuring Open Apices of Permanent Teeth among 6-10 Years Old in Rohilkhand Region

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Swati Dwivedi, Virag Bhatia, Srinandan Pradhan, Ankur Mishra, Vinod Kumar Upadhyay, Ahsan Abdullah

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Background:To calculate maturity and predict age, teeth formation is commonly used tool in dentistry. This evidenceassists in diagnosis and treatment planning in clinical as well as in forensic dentistry. Dental age estimation is based on morphological, histological, biochemical and radiological measurement of teeth. The developmental stages of teeth in growing children can be utilized for radiographic age estimation. This method makes utilization of radiographs for age estimation; a practical method in living as well as indeceased. The aim was to estimate the chronological age in children of Rohilkhand region population by using Cameriere’s method.Materials and Methods: Aretrospective observational study included - a total of 96 panoramic radiographs of patients aged 6 - 10 years. The mean length of teeth and width of open apices of seven right or left mandibular teeth were calculated using radiovisiography and adobe photoshop software.Results:Thelinear regression equation derived for estimation of age, from the variables X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, s &N, was10.145–0.703S 0.208S.N–0.600X5. Conclusion: Cameriere’s method can be used for age assessmentin children in case of forensic as well as legal contexts andbased on these variables a reliable age estimation equationwas proposed specifically for Rohilkhand region population.

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Cameriere Method, Regression Equation, Forensic Dentistry, Panoramic Radiograph.