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Extrapolation of Bolton’s tooth size ratio on Nepalese Orthodontic Patients

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Rajiv Yadav, Anil K Yadav, Tekendra Chaulagain, Neelam Yadav

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Introduction: Tooth size discrepancy is not uncommon in orthodontic patients and varies between ethnic groups. Objectivewas to determine overall and anterior Bolton’s tooth size ratio among Class I normal occlusion of Nepalese adults and to compare the present study ratio among gender and with Bolton’s standard ratio. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted on eightytwo study casts with equal male and female samples. The mesiodistal widths of all maxillary and mandibular twelve teeth from right first molar to left first molar were measured with a digital caliper. The data obtained were used to calculate the anterior and overall Bolton ratios. Student’s t-test was used to compare tooth size ratios between males and females, and between the present study and Bolton’s standard. P values < 0> Conclusion: The overall and anterior Bolton’s ratio showed significant difference with Bolton’s standard ratio. Hence,extrapolation of Bolton’s tooth size ratio on Nepalese orthodontic patients cannot be done. Population specific standards are necessary to be used for clinical assessment.

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Anterior Ratio; Bolton’s ratio; Nepalese Adults; Overall Ratio;Tooth size discrepancy