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Study of cardiac biomarkers in severe hypokalemia

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Pasham Rajesh Kiran, Nayan Kumar Patel*, Gouri Oram, Butungeshwar Pradhan

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Background: Potassium haemostasis is critical in cellular functioning, cardiac rhythm and neuromuscular wellbeing. Hypokalemia is associated with adverse cardiac, neuromuscular, gastrointestinal outcomes. Cardiovascular mortality owing to arrhythmia is more common with altered potassium levels. Correlating hypokalemia with cardiac biomarkers is still not conclusively documented although many AMI cases report significant hypokalemia. So present study tries to make a point on impact of severe hypokalemia on cardiac biomarkers. AIM & Objectives: To determine the effect of severe hypokalemia on levels of cardiac biomarkers. Materials and Methods : A longitudinal observational study included in patients with clinically suspected and confirmed biochemically as hypokalemia. 102 patients enrolled after consent and ethical clearance. Severe hypokalemia patients were grouped into 2 with serum K level Result and Conclusion : 81 patients had serum Potassium level < 2>  

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Hypokalemia, ECG

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