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Platelet indices in controlled and uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus: A cross sectional study

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Aparajita Samaddar, Manas Talukdar, Anirban Sinha

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Background: Diabetes is an emerging health problem across the world. Underlying prothrombotic state leads to cardiovascular complications in diabetics especially those with poor glycemic control. Though multiple mechanisms are responsible, platelet activation plays a major role in the pathogenesis of prothrobotic state. Platelet activation causes increase in their size which is represented by Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) whereas variation in their size associated with release reaction is reflected by Platelet Distribution Width (PDW). So MPV and PDW together may help to detect emergence of prothrombotic state at an earlier stage. Aims: To find out whether any significant difference exists in platelet count, MPV and PDW in controlled and uncontrolled Type 2 diabetics. Materials and Methods: It was a hospital based cross sectional study where total 277 patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus were included following predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria and categorized into controlled (193 subjects) and uncontrolled (84 subjects) groups with HbA1c level ? 7% and >7% respectively. Blood from all the participants were analyzed for MPV, PDW and platelet count. Unpaired t-test was done to compare the platelet count and platelet indices among two groups. Results: MPV and PDW were found to be significantly higher (p Conclusion: The higher value of MPV and PDW in uncontrolled diabetics indicates that they can be utilized as an inexpensive yet useful method for early detection of thrombotic complication in these patients.  

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Mean platelet volume, Blood platelets, Glycated hemoglobin A

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