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Management of gingival hyperpigmentation using three different techniques: A case series

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Case Series

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Kishore Kumar, R Kadhiresan, R.A.Jenifer Cynthia, R Reshmaa

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Although the colour of the gingiva plays a vital part in overall aesthetics, the ideas and strategies for treating problems caused by gingival melanin pigmentation are still being worked out. Clinicians are confronted with obtaining acceptable gingival aesthetics as well as resolving biologic and functional difficulties as aesthetics has become an important element of dentistry. This case report discusses three different de-epithelization treatments that have been effectively utilised to treat gingival hyperpigmentation caused by excessive melanin deposition, as well as the importance of having an aesthetically pleasant smile, especially for smile aware people. Key Messages: Creating esthetic awareness among dental practitioners about various treatment modalitites for the management of gingival hyperpigmentation.

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Depigmentation, hyperpigmentation, Scalpel Surgery, LASER surgery, Rotary abrasive bur

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