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Deaths in railways and role of forensic medicine

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Review Article

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Mohd Kaleem Khan

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Deaths in the railway premises, tracks, train and other railway related properties are often accidental, suicidal and may at times homicidal in nature. To identify the cause of death and timely disbursement of justice to victims and their aggrieved families is the primary motive of the police, forensic services and the judicial system. The establishment of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and Government railway police (GRP) is for the protection of railway property and handling crime happening in it. Involvement of local police, forensic.There is a sharp decline in crime happening in railway properties in India (RPF shows a great decline in the number of cases since 2018 (1094684) to 2019 (949695). Government railway police (GRP) also reported Cases (Registered by GRP (IPC SLL) which show sharp decline in crime since 2018 (107092) in 2019 (99381) but still there is great scope of integrating the existing law enforcing agencies along with forensic medicine in reducing the crime further in railways.

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Railway, Forensic Medicine, Suicide, Accidents

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